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House Extensions

House extensions are built considering your needs, whether it’s a single storey or two-storey extension we can help you decide what type of extension is best for you.



Everything you need to know about house extensions

Can everyone get a house extension built?

Adequate space permitting; A house extension can be done in most places of the home. For example, an extension to your house can be to the kitchen, dining/sitting room, bedroom and bathroom areas.

Is my house suitable for an extension?

You must meet certain requirements in Ireland the extension can’t increase the original floor area of the home by more than 40 square metres and can’t reduce the open space at the back of the house to less than 25 square metres. This is something which you can go into more detail with us when discussing your extension.

Do you need planning permission for house extension?

If you are going to build an extension or make other changes to your existing house, you may need planning permission, again this is something we will guide you on. Some small extensions and conservatories don’t need planning permission, but we will discuss this with you before you start building and guide you every step of the way.

Why do people get House extensions?

Mainly to add extra space to your home as it is the most practical and inexpensive way to obtain additional living space short of moving to a new house with all the upheaval and stress associated with that.

Main advantages of House extensions

  • Tailor made house extension to perfectly complement your needs and lifestyle and free rein to put in as much input into the design as you want to personalise and make it your own and create the home of your dreams
  • Stay in your area you love as no need to move into a new house or location.
  • Will transform your home both inside and out into a stylish and energy-efficient home to live in which will save you money on heating bills with the BER rating
  • Increases the value to your house, we believe an extension is a great asset and investment to your home.
  • Extra space and overall a much better living environment for family members of all ages and the occasional guests

The cost of house extensions
One rule of thumb is for house extensions is €1,000 to €1,500+VAT per square meter for a single storey extension.

Do you need extra space? Are you planning to expand? Talk to us today about your house extension. Call 0879962459​​