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New House Builds 

New Home builds, building your own house comes with several benefits that you can’t find by buying an existing home and you can base it on your unique lifestyle so whether it’s a Bungalow or House you have in mind; Corcrin Construction will guide you through the process from design to completion.

Q & A

Everything you need to know about New House Builds

Where to start? 

  • Find a building plot
  • Architect 
  • Apply for planning permission 
  • Set a budget for your build
  • Arrange finance
  • Find a building Contractor 

Do I need planning permission for building a new house?

YES and it’s crucial you have the appropriate consents to build, including planning permission, Building Control; Approval and any special permissions needed

How and where do I get planning for new house builds?

You should lodge your application for planning permission with the planning authority for your area, which will be one of the 31 local authorities in Ireland (city or county councils). Application forms and information are available from your planning authority either at their offices or on their website.

How much will my application cost? 

You must pay a fee with the planning application and it must accompany the application or it will be invalid. The amount depends on the type of development proposed and the type of permission sought.

Advantages of Building Your Own House

It’s Brand New

When you build a new home, everything is just that – new! 

So the odds of you needing to make any repairs within the first few years are slim to none. This gives you a longer time to settle in and enjoy your home without having to worry about making repairs.

The Feeling

Don’t forget the emotional aspect of building your own home. There’s nothing quite like knowing that it’s all yours and you’ll get to start fresh and feel like everything in the home is bespoke to you and has your own stamp on it.


You will have total control over the design of your home with better technology and you can add those little extras that make you happy by styling and customising everything to your specific taste and needs.

Energy Efficiency

When you care about being energy efficient, you can make a big difference by shaping the way your home is built and by building your own home means you can add solar energy and other energy efficient options and make substantial reductions on your electricity bills by up to 50 to 70%. 

For new house builds call  087 996 2459,  with Corcrin Construction your in safe hands